Baccarat deals at Guru Play

Baccarat is a game which is quite popular on the internet! You can easily learn the rules and see what draws so many people to the game. There are two hands in Baccarat. There is the banker hand as well as the player hand. The cards will come from a shoe. The shoe is actually a box which has six or eight decks of cards. Each player can make a bet on one of the hands, or the tie between them. Only two or three cards per deal are allowed for each hand. There is a certain procedure which helps to determine the score. The face cards as well as the tens will count as zero. Aces will be worth one. Two to nine will be worth their face values. Afterwards, the score will be summed up so as to determine the winner. In reality, you simply have to decide whether you would like to bet on the banker, or the player. You will also need to choose the amount that you would like to bet. As you can see, the game rules aren't so hard.

Guru Play offers the live baccarat game as part of the larger game offer. If you would like to play the game, you should contact the customer support service. You can always send an e-mail, or phone them up. For any specific inquiries, you may want to look into the information which is provided on the website, especially the FAQ section which spells certain things out in more detail.