Avoid 6-5 Blackjack

The standard payout for a winning natural in the game of blackjack is usually three to two. In recent years, some casinos have started offering players 6 5 blackjack that only pays out at a ratio of six to five, essentially cheating players out of their winnings. Players should avoid 6 5 blackjack at all costs.

Disadvantages of 6-5 Blackjack

Many players avoid 6 5 blackjack simply due to the payout ratio. For example, a player in a standard casino who bets $10.00 and wins with a natural would be paid out $15.00 at the normal three to two rate. However, a player in a casino that offers only 6 5 blackjack would only be paid $12.00. The player still loses the same amount of money at the same rate, but is paid out much less than at the three to two ratios. For a classic casino game that offers much better odds than 6 5 blackjack, try the slots here.

How Casinos Entice the Player

Online casinos are often very sneaky when it comes to 'suckering' players into their 6 5 blackjack traps. All blackjack players know that playing the game with a single deck results in better odds for the player. Because of this, casinos often lure players to their blackjack tables with the promise of single deck games, but only pay out winners at a rate of six to five. This essentially negates any advantage provided to the player with the single deck. Many casinos even attempt to lure novice players by advertising the six to five payout table--players should never fall for this marketing ploy.

Playing blackjack is a wonderful pastime that has the potential to bring the player a lot of winnings. In order for players to make sure they are winning the most money possible at blackjack tables, it is best to completely avoid 6 5 blackjack games.